Friday, August 26, 2011

Wifely Missteps: Beginnings

Wifely Missteps: Well it is Friday and I know that I get the house to myself since my gang will be going to the football game on Saturday. I find it tricky to stay on track when I am left alone with a fridge of ice cream plus I get the remote.It is rare that I get my hands on it and I am really juiced that I get to watch anything I want .The evening will be great and I may just have a few little surprises ready for my honey when he gets back

Sunday, August 21, 2011


 I have been a spanked wife for a long while. It was easy when they were young but things have changed. It seems that the fact that we have a busy house with older young adults in an out that my husband seems to feel that he lacks the chance to take me in hand. I get crazy with so many feelings that it is hard to deal with how crazy I feel and that loss of connection that we use to have after he spanked me. The days of long soul cleaning spankings seem like things from our past. Mostly I get hard quick spankings that leave me feeling even more frustrated .I wondered if anyone else has every felt like this and if there might be anything that we might try to get out of this slump.